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Mr. Mauricio Aristoteles Freitas, with a law degree in Brazil and knowledge of US Law as well, licensed to practice in Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, licenses numbers OAB/RS 108.202 and OAB/SC 52.616A, also licensed to practice law in Portugal, license number 60.736L.
Mr. Freitas is specialized in Criminal Law, Sports Law, Medical Malpractice Law, Digital Law, and International Law.
In the criminal law area, we dedicate in the defense of our clients, primarily in Tax and Economical Crimes. Still in the criminal area, people arrested by the Federal Police, that do not speak Portuguese, Mr. Freitas, speaks fluently English and Spanish, and there is no need for a translator, making the dialogue between the attorney and the client more efficient and without interpretations of an outsider.
In the other areas of the Law, Medical Malpractice we primarily defend the health care providers. In the digital law, we defend the interest of those that suffered damages within the social medias and so forth.
In the International Law, we act primarily in the enforcement of judgments, from overseas to domestic and vice versa, in the transfer of prisoners, in the abduction of a child and family law in the international manner.
In the Sports Law, defending the athletes and clubs, in the resolution of conflicts within the European Courts related to Sports, as well as the repatriation of assets and values left behind by the athletes, when they return to Brazil or vice versa, or to other countries.
In the Consumer Law, primarily in the defense of the citizen against Banks, Telephone Companies and Health Insurance.
Associated to Mr. Freitas, is Mr. Marcelo da Silva Martins, performing in the General Crime Law. Ex Police Office, retired, presently working as a lawyer.
Mr. Marcelo Martins is licensed to practice law in Brazil, license number OAB/RS 121.680 in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.
We also have in our office, two lawyers, Mrs. Cintia Vial, Labor Law, and Mrs. Viviane Gross, Retirement and Social Security Law.

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